Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade reportedly set to return to band for Grammy performance

Band's drummer Phil Rudd is awaiting trial in New Zealand

AC/DC have reportedly recruited former drummer Chris Slade to play with them at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 8).

Rumours about Slade rejoining the band began when a meet-and-greet he was due to be attending on January 31 in California was postponed.

The event was organised by Dr. Alex Corbin Liu and, as reported by Blabbermouth, in announcing the change of plans on Facebook, he let slip that “There’s actually big news regarding Slade and his career coming in next several days which is why he had to reschedule this event.”


Slade was a member of AC/DC between 1989-1994 and played on the album ‘The Razor’s Edge’. He was replaced by returning drummer Phil Rudd, who is currently awaiting trial in New Zealand and is not playing live with the band.

Rudd is scheduled to appear in court in Tauranga two days after the Grammy Awards, on February 10, for a review of the charges brought against him in 2014. Rudd, 60, is before the court on charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis, all of which he denies.

Rudd was originally charged with attempting to procure the murder of two men, but the charge was dropped due to a lack of evidence. It is claimed that on September 26, Rudd made two phone calls including one where he “threatened to kill an unnamed man and his daughter”. The first call was to a business associate where he is alleged to have “spoke about what he wanted done to” the man, who had been an employee for three years.

After the alleged threats were made, police raided Rudd’s home on November 6 where they found 130g (4.6 ounces) of marijuana and 0.7g of methamphetamine.

Last month, Rudd’s AC/DC band mates Brian Johnson and Malcolm Young both addressed the problem their band is facing. While Young said that the band have yet to “resolve” whether Rudd is still a member of AC/DC, Johnson suggested Rudd would not performing on the 2015 tour.