AC/DC’s Brian Johnson denies retirement rumours

"We are definitely getting together in May in Vancouver," says frontman

AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson has denies claims that the band are set to retire.

Rumours have circulated in the past few days that the band might be forced to call it quits due to ill health. Choirboys frontman Mark Gable, who is friends with AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young, stated that the guitarist is seriously ill and will not be able to perform any more.

However, speaking to The Telegraph, frontman Johnson says not only are the band not splitting but that they will soon be getting together to record new music. “We are definitely getting together in May in Vancouver,” he said. “We’re going to pick up some guitars, have a plonk, and see if anybody has got any tunes or ideas. If anything happens, we’ll record it.”

Johnson did confirm, however, Gable’s claims that Malcolm Young is currently very ill. “One of the boys has a debilitating illness, but I don’t want to say too much about it,” says Johnson. “He is very proud and private, a wonderful chap. We’ve been pals for 35 years and I look up to him very much.”

Health permitting, Johnson says he wants to celebrate AC/DC’s 40th anniversary this year by playing 40 shows in 40 different venues: “That would be a wonderful way to say bye bye. We would love to do it,” adding,”But it’s all up in the air at the moment.”

AC/DC formed in November 1973. Their last studio album was 2008’s Brendan O’Brien-produced ‘Black Ice’.