Top DJs to create dancefloor versions of 'Kaos: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare'...

Goldie and Roni Size are amongst the stars set to remix Adam F‘s ‘KAOS: THE ANTI-ACOUSTIC WARFARE’ album.

Both are set to provide new versions of songs for the remix project, entitled ‘Kaos: The Drum & Bass Warfare’, which is due for release in the summer. The original album featured the likes of MOP and Redman as guest rappers.

Adam F told Muzik magazine: “A lot of remixers came to me. Loads of people in drum ‘n’ bass love hip hop. Roni Size (Size) loved the Redman tune. The people I’ve chosen are from right across the scene. Every track will be dancefloor orientated. Doing the ‘Kaos’ project gave me a different way of hearing things.”

Other names set to provide remixes include Grooverider, Shy FX and Micky Finn.