The son of Alvin Stardust tells all...

ADAM F, the acclaimed drum ‘n’ bass producer and son of ALVIN STARDUST, has been has been speaking to NME.COM about his forthcoming hip-hop album, and his collaborations with LL COOL J and REDMAN.

Adam F is working on his second album, ‘Kaos’ which is released through Chrysalis in March 2001. In comparison to his previous work which was drum ‘n’ bass, ‘Kaos’ is a collection of pure hip-hop.

After approaching various hip-hop MCs to assist him with recording the follow-up to his debut longplayer ‘Colours’, he has since started receiving requests from acts of the stature of LL Cool J and Funkmaster Flex to work on their solo projects.


The results can now be heard on LL Cool J?s new album ‘The GOAT’, on both the title track and ‘Take It Off’. The ensuing popularity of these two tracks has resulted in collaborations from the most unexpected quarters, including a Redman collaboration which will appear on both Adam F‘s new LP and Redman‘s forthcoming opus.

Adam, who previously made a mark on the music scene with seminal mid-’90s drum ‘n’ bass tracks like ‘Circles’ and ‘Metropolis’, has been delighted by the response. “In 1987 I went to see LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim and Public Enemy at the Hammersmith Odeon,” he explained. “In the year 2000 I was asked by the president of Def Jam to produce tracks for LL and Redman. As an artist, I couldn’t have asked for a greater opportunity.”

It?s understood that ‘Kaos’ will be followed by a drum ‘n’ bass album at a later date.

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