Adam Green gives away new song online – audio

He's also collaborated with Har Mar Superstar recently

Adam Green has posted the first song from his new album ‘Minor Love’ online for fans to download for free.

‘What Makes Him Act So Bad’ is available to download on, and you can also listen to the track on NME.COM by scrolling down now.

‘Minor Love’, which features guest appearances from Little Joy‘s Rodrigo Amarante and Green‘s brother Joel, is due to be released on January 11.

In a press release about the album written by Green himself, the singer explained a little about the recording sessions.

“The album showcases a tender side of the often arrogant and emotionally unavailable bully/singer. In a total state of isolation, Green attempted to play nearly all the instruments on the record, due to incurable social phobias which plagued him,” he wrote.

“Sometimes a slick session musician, like Rodrigo, was tolerated in the studio… however no women were permitted into the studio at all, because of Green‘s attempts to pursue a bisexual lifestyle.”

Green also recently collaborated with Har Mar Superstar on a cover of the Addrisi Brothers‘Never My Love’, which features on the soundtrack of the Drew Barrymore-directed film ‘Whip It’.

The song is being streamed on Har Mar Superstar and Juliette Lewis both have acting roles in the film.

Listen to Adam Green‘s new song ‘What Makes Him Act So Bad’ below.