Star-studded crowd turn out for Adam Green hometown show

Albert Hammond Jr, Agyness Deyn show their support in New York

Adam Green performed a stellar 24-song set at the fully-seated Town Hall in New York on Saturday night, in front of a crowd including supermodel Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr.

Taking to the stage wearing a navy long sleeved T-shirt with white fringe-trimmed arms, Green’s between-song banter was typically quip-filled and off-the-wall.

He was joined by his band, drummer and “confidante” Chris Egan, bassist Steven Mertens, guitarist Jon ‘Whiskey’ Wiley and keyboard player Nathan Brown, as well as backing singers Zalika King and Mica Townsend.


“These ladies have been traveling around with me for a while, and they’ve been sleeping under my bunk. You can get used to a thing like that you know?” Green joked.

Joined by his girlfriend Lori Beth Capella for the ‘Drowning Head First’ on which she sang and played glockenspiel, Green thanked her with a kiss before carrying on with the rest of the set.

“A lot of guys say you can’t play town Hall. A lot of guys say that. Don’t believe them,” he told the audience in his tongue-in-cheek style. “I want to dedicate this to my YouTube performance on ‘TV Total’. I’m sure you’ve only heard of me because of that. Or the ‘Juno ‘soundtrack, I’m sure that’s how all of you heard of me…”

As the audience yelled no in disagreement, Green laughed “I’m just kidding” before launching into ‘Dance With Me’.

“We worked out a special cover of ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’,” he told the crowd during the encore, adding “No, we didn’t! Seems like something we might have done, but we put our efforts into making the show terrific anyway. This song is more melodic than any song you’ve heard sung before. It’s a very special song. I first performed it at Central Park in the 60s, ” he said before playing ‘We’re Not Supposed To Be Lovers’.

Finishing with ‘Jessica’, written about pop princess turned reality star Jessica Simpson, Green thanked the crowd saying:


“This is my last song. I love you. You’re very, very nice people.”

Adam Green played:

‘Festival Song’

‘Hollywood Bowl’

‘Broadcast Beach’

‘I Wanna Die’

‘Leaky Flask’

‘Cannot Get Sicker’

‘Friends Of Mine’


‘Chubby Princess’

‘Nat King Cole’

‘Her Father And Her’

‘Drowning Head First’

‘Getting Led’

‘Be My Man’


‘Grandma Shirley And Papa’

‘Salty Candy’

‘Dance With Me’

‘Morning After Midnight’

‘Baby’s Gonna Die Tonight’


‘Tropical Island’


‘We’re Not Supposed To Be Lovers’


–By our New York staff.

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