Adam Green fifth album details unveiled

'Sixes & Sevens' comes out in March

Adam Green has completed work on his fifth album, and it’s being released in March.

‘Sixes & Sevens’ was recorded at New York’s Threshold Studios with Dan Myers and a band comprised of Steven Mertens (bass), Parker Kindred (drums), Josh Hager (guitar), and Nathan Brown (keyboards).

The album features gospel singers, tin whistles, and tubas in addition to a string quartet on many tracks.

‘Sixes & Sevens’ will be release by Rough Trade in the UK on March 10, followed closely by a US release of March 18.

The track listing is:

‘Festival Song’

‘It’s A Fine’

‘Morning After Midnight’

‘When A Pretty Face’

‘Twee Twee Dee’

‘You Get So Lucky’


‘Getting Led’

‘Be My Man’

‘Drowning Head First’

‘Grandma Shirley And Papa’

‘Cannot Get Sicker’

‘Bed Of Prayer’

‘Tropical Island’

‘Leaky Flask’

‘Rich Kids’

–By our New York staff.

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