Macaulay Culkin speaks about working with Adam Green on new version of ‘Aladdin’

The pair are joined by Orange Is The New Black actress Natasha Lyonne in Green's film

Macaulay Culkin has spoken about working with former Moldy Peaches member Adam Green on a new version of Aladdin.

Green previously wrote and directed his first film The Wrong Ferrari in 2011, and has made this remake of Disney’s classic using $50,000 raised on a Kickstarter campaign.

“When he came to his first film, almost all the lines and everything were just written on index cards, so somebody would say something, then he would pull out an index card and hand it to the next person, they would say something, and so forth,” Culkin told the Guardian. “He actually wrote a script this time.”


Green’s new version of the film revolves around a musician who is about to be dropped from his record label. He finds a magic lamp, which he uses to 3D-print items such as ecstasy, boots and a chair made out of asparagus.

“There’s a lot of autobiographical elements to my version of Aladdin,” Green said of the film. “I like to take things like symbols and twist and distort them and sort of make them my own version, and that’s something I do in all my different kinds of artwork.”

The film also stars Natasha Lyonne from Orange Is The New Black and Alia Shawkat from Arrested Developement.

Aladdin is released on iTunes and Amazon on May 12.