Adam Green pays tribute to Libertines at Union Chapel

New York's indie king speaks after 'Mighty Boosh' and 'Brass Eye' gig

Adam Green has spoken about his return to London (September 25), which saw him pack out the Union Chapel with a crowd that included the likes of ’Brass Eye’‘s Chris Morris and ’The Mighty Boosh’‘s Julian Barratt.

The New York indie-kingpin played an acoustic solo show, receiving a standing ovation for his efforts.

“Finally I did a tour where I could play all the quiet songs,” he told NME.COM of his European dates. “I had most of the shows seated because people pay closer attention when they are comfortable.”

Speaking of the date Green explained: “The Union Chapel concert was my favourite of the tour. The Chapel itself is a very earthy place to perform. It reminds me of when I was a kid – I used

to play in the church graveyard.”

He added: “One time, a priest invited us inside the church and showed us Disney movies on his projector. I like the Chapel because there’s a piano in the dressing room.”

The former Moldy Peaches man thrilled fans at the show, performing his rarely played cover of The Libertines’What A Waster’.

“My publicist wanted me to play ’What A Waster’ on top of the pulpit, but instead I played it early, so nobody would call out for it,” he explained. “I didn’t really have a setlist for the show. Instead, I wrote down about 50 songs on two sheets of paper and just picked them out from the stage. I took a few requests, but mostly I wanted to do my own thing… I told the audience they would thank me for it later. But I think these solo shows are a one-time occurrence. Next time I come to England it’s gonna be with a full band and a new album.”

Green said he’d enjoyed the acoustic approach, although he did have one gig where he had to ask an audience member to be quiet.

“I played a show last week in this big theatre, and everybody was quiet, except there was this one guy talking so loudly in the front row,” recalled Green. “After the second song I just had to get a look at his face – so I made the lighting guy shine a light on the front row… Well, it turned out this asshole was in a wheelchair! But then he wheeled up to the stage and apologised for being so drunk. Later I played my ’No legs’ song for him and he said, ‘I love you so much Adam.'”