Adam Green hitchhikes across Europe in pyjamas

The Strokes’ best mate reveals incredible trek after missing tourbus

New York indie kingpin Adam Green was forced to hitchhike across Europe in pyjamas this week (July 17).

The Strokes’ best mate had to make his way Belgium to France by his own means after being left behind by his own tourbus.

Having played Belgium’s Dour Festival, Green was on his way to a gig in Lyon, France, when he got out of the bus at a motorway service station in at 3am.

“There was no air conditioning on this shitty bus and my band was sick with pneumonia,” Green told NME.COM. “To get to sleep on the tourbus, I was taking a prescribed sleeping medication and you’re not supposed to drink while taking this stuff, but I was drinking heavily each night. Because of the medication I started to forget entire days of the tour. I had blackouts through the Spanish dates which led up to a festival in Belgium.”

During one of these “blackouts” Green wondered off the bus at a French service station and it left without him.

“Apparently I sleepwalked off the bus at a service station somewhere in France,” explained Green. “The bus drove off without me and I didn’t notice. I was in my pyjamas and flip-flops with an army top. I had no money, ID or anything but a flask of Jagermeister and some Cuban cigars.”

Undeterred, the singer then attempted to make his way to the show.

“At first I went to parking lot looking for the tourbus, but it wasn’t there. I was such a zombie I didn’t really care or know what was happening,” he said. “I tried to talk to the guys at the service station but they didn’t speak any English. They pointed me toward a train station and I walked that way.”

Eventually however Green managed to hitchhike his way to Lyon.

“It turns out that in my sleep I convinced these kids to drive me seven hours to the Strokes show in Lyon,” he recalled. “They were 17 year old Belgian students, I guess they understood that I was lost and needed help. They were both very kind and concerned that I was ok. They fed me and made sure that I drank lots of water.”

However during his absence, Green’s his tour-manager had reported him missing to the French police fearing the singer had being killed.

“When we arrived in Lyon it was 11am, we parked and ran up to the top of the outdoor Roman amphitheatre where we were playing that night. I waved down ato my keyboard player Nathan who, when he saw me, freaked-out. Everyone couldn’t believe that I was still wearing my pyjamas,” said Green.

“That night, we played a really good show and I felt like I had died and was playing a concert in heaven to thousands of dead angels,” he added. “I thank those kids Dimitri and Christoph for driving me there because I could have died or gotten raped by truckers or maybe ended up in French jail. I guess that the moral of the story is definitely don’t mix sleeping medication with alcohol. And probably just avoid prescription sleeping medication altogether.”

Green has since safely returned home to New York, and is set to play at Union Square Virgin Megastore on July 25 to mark the US release of his current album ‘Jacket Full Of Danger’.