Adam Lambert says that he’d be up for recording new songs with Queen

Lambert began touring with the band in 2012

Adam Lambert has said that he’s up for recording new songs with Queen.

Lambert began touring with the band in 2012, and his performances as the group’s stand-in frontman have been widely praised by the group’s fans.

But while his involvement has been strictly limited to touring, Lambert says that he would be jump at the opportunity to record new material with Queen.

He told Digital Spy: I’m certainly open to anything.

“If something sounds cool and it’s the right thing to do at the right time, then I’m game.

“I haven’t heard anything like that come up. But also, maybe it’s an issue of, is that Queen without Freddie?

“To me, Queen is… that’s why we’re billed as Queen plus Adam Lambert. I’m their guest who’s filling in by singing these songs and having a great time doing it. But it’s not necessarily Queen.”

Lambert headed out for a world tour with Queen in 2014, but will return as the group’s frontman next weekend as they headline the Isle of Wight Festival.

Describing their headline slot on the Saturday night of the festival, guitarist Brian May said: “I think Queen at The Isle of Wight Festival is a date that was long overdue. How incredible to take on this challenge at this point in our lives.

“With an injection of new blood in the shape of the incredible Adam Lambert, Queen will be ready to tear it up on this legendary stage in 2016. Freddie would have loved it. Can’t wait.”