The Victoria & Albert Museum is proud to present 'Shhh!!: Music For Museums'....

BARRY 7 from Add N To X is to host a customised “synth duel” at THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM in LONDON on November 3.

Entitled ‘Shhh!!: Music For Museums’, the night will see an array of guests battling it out for the prize of ‘The Greatest Synthesizer Players Known To Mankind’ . Artists confirmed to appear include The All Seeing I‘s Dean Honer, Justin Anderson from Mains Ignition, Tim ‘Love’ Lee and LRD’s Jacques Lu Cont. Other ‘special guests’ will be confirmed on the night.

The evening will also include an installation of sound and light from respected avant-garde artist Joe Banks, and a four CDJ / two mixer performance from the core Fila Brazilia duo under the marble Victoria & Albert Dome. DJs for the night include Sole Jazz‘s Ethan Reid, Intensive Care‘s Declan Allen and Blue State‘s Andy Dragaziz.


“It all stemmed from Barry 7 – it was his idea to get the battle of the synths together,” explained Mute‘s Andy Fraser, who is also DJing at the event. “It’s (the V&A) not really been used for anything like this before. It’s to bring pop music into a new environment.”

‘Shh!!: Music For Museums’ runs from 6.30-10pm. Tickets cost £8.

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