Adele says she didn’t make a video for ‘Skyfall’ because she doesn’t ‘look like Halle Berry’

The singer also said everyone wished they could live at Glastonbury

Adele has said she didn’t make a video for her Bond theme tune because she doesn’t “look like Halle Berry”.

The singer spoke about making the song before playing it during her Glastonbury headline set.

“I didn’t want a video [for the song] because I was nine months pregnant and I was about to drop,” she said. “And I don’t look like Halle Berry. You don’t want to do a video for a Bond song if you don’t look like Halle Berry.”

A video for the song was made, but only features clips from the film.

Later, she dedicated her track ‘Hometown Glory’ to the people of Tottenham. “Is there anyone from Tottenham here?” she asked the crowd.

“Fuck off! Shut the front door, are you really?” she exclaimed when someone in the crowd cheered. “Well this is for you. But, really, we all wish we could live here.”