Adele to record swing duet with Robbie Williams?

Sources say '21' singer has agreed to a collaboration...

Adele has agreed to record a swing duet with Robbie Williams, according to reports.

The Sun says that although the ’21’ singer has refused several offers to appear on other artist’s tracks in the past year, she is keen to collaborate with Williams on his next album, which will reportedly be a similar release to his 2001 LP ‘Swing When You’re Winning’.

A source said: “Adele and Robbie have really hit it off. They are great friends and talked at length about doing something together when she was in LA with him ahead of the Oscars last month. They threw some ideas around but haven’t decided exactly what song they’d like to work on, things are in the early stages.”

As the newspaper reports, Adele has previously gone on record saying that if she were to record with another singer, Williams would be her favoured partner. “I’m not in doing collaborations,” she said in 2009. “I love to sing with people live rather than on record. If I could do one with anyone – Robbie? Any day.”

Earlier this month (March 2), Adele said that she will only record a new album when she has “something to sing about”. Previously, Adele’s camp have been coy about a release date for a new LP from the singer and in October last year, her label XL Recordings admitted that a follow-up to ’21’ “may not come for some years”.

Williams, meanwhile, has recently found himself in the headlines after he launched an attack on bands of the Britpop era. Responding to criticism of One Direction from Suede singer Brett Anderson, he wrote in a blog post: “There were a few special indie bands then just as there are in every generation and just as some pop bands are useless, some are magnificent. I feel sorry for the people who are too bigoted to appreciate the latter. The world’s a lot more exciting with One Direction in it and more hearts will genuinely race at a new 1D album than they ever have or will at any Suede album in any period.”

However, the ‘Rudebox’ singer has since backtracked on his criticism of Suede and posted a second blog post shortly afterwards which stated: “It would appear that I’ve gone off on a tangent not entirely created by Mr Brett Anderson of pop combo Suede. It won’t be the last time this happens and it felt good to get it off my chest. Thank you Brett, Suede’s new album ‘Bloodsports’ out now.”

Robbie Williams released his latest solo album ‘Take The Crown’ in 2012.