Adele confirmed to perform ‘Skyfall’ at Oscars

Singer will perform Bond theme at annual ceremony

Adele has confirmed that she will perform Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ live at this year’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Posting a message on the website of her label, XL Recordings, Adele states: “It’s an honour to be nominated and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again. It’s something I’ve never experienced and probably only ever will once!” The singer is nominated for the Best Original Song gong at the awards after receiving a nomination for ‘Skyfall’.

Adele celebrated the news with her first tweet since December 13, posting:”Oh my god I feel like Meryl Streep!! Thank you x”. However, Skyfall itself missed out on a Best Picture nod.

Meanwhile, Adele continued her award-winning streak last week (Jan 13) when she picked up a Golden Globe for ‘Skyfall’. Taking to the stage to collect her award for best original song, she said: “Oh my God. Oh my God. Honestly, I’ve come out for a night out with my friend. We’re new Mums. We’ve literally come for a night out, I was not expecting this.”

She added: “It’s very strange to be here and thank you so much for letting me be part of your world for a night. It’s amazing, we’ve been pissing ourselves, you know.”

Adele was also quizzed on the name of her firstborn son after winning the Golden Globe. The singer has kept the name a closely guarded secret, and told reporters it was “private”. However, The Sun today (January 23) reports that the child could be named Angelo after Adele was spotted shopping in West Hollywood wearing a necklace featuring a pendant with that name on it.

The singer recently revealed to People magazine that she refers to her child by the nickname Little Peanut.

The 2013 Academy Awards take place on Sunday, February 24 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.