Adele asks Glastonbury audience if anyone’s ‘had a shit’ waiting for her to come on

It's her first time headlining at the festival

Adele asked her Glastonbury audience if any of them had “had a shit” while waiting for her to come on.

She is currently headlining the festival on the Pyramid Stage. It is the first time she has topped the bill at the festival.

“Have any of you had a piss down the front?” she asked the crowd after the first few songs. “Have any of you had a shit?”

As the crowd cheered, she exclaimed: “Oh my god, someone put their hand up! You had a shit?”

At the start of her set, she changed the words to ‘Hello’ from “I’m in California dreaming” to “I’m in Glastonbury dreaming”.

“Fuck, you lot are amazing!” she exclaimed midway through the song, after laughing when the crowd started singing along at great volume.

“I don’t know what to say to you at the moment,” she admitted after ‘Hello’ came to a close, before launching into ‘Rumour Has It’.