Adele’s estranged father ‘devastated’ by singer’s vow to never see him again

Earlier this week, Grammy winner claimed she would spit in her dad's face if she ever saw him again

Adele‘s estranged father has said he is devastated that the singer has vowed to never see him again.

The Tottenham chart-topper, who scooped six Grammys last weekend (February 12), recently told US Vogue she would spit in Mark Evans’ face if she ever saw him again.

The dispute centres on the fact Evans, who walked out on Adele during her childhood, sold a story to The Sun last year discussing his alcoholism and split from her mother Penny.


Speaking in today’s Daily Mail, Evans claimed he was surprised by the fallout as “everything seemed OK between us”.

He said:

I can’t believe she said that [that she would never see him again]. It’s devastating. I don’t know where it’s come from.

Evans continued: “What’s done is done. I can’t turn the clock back. I know I was a rotten father, but, in the end, she’s made it. She deserves all the happiness and success in the world.”

Earlier this week (February 15), Adele denied that she is planning to take a five-year break from music.

The singer was quoted on Tuesday (February 14) as saying she wanted to“fuck off for four or five years” to focus on her relationship with new boyfriend Simon Konecki, and would only return when she can write a “happy record”, but she has now backtracked on those comments.

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