Adele wants to ‘sex up her image’

Singer has ditched junk food for exercise, claim inside sources

Adele wants to “sex up her image”, according to reports.

The ’21’ songstress has ditched junk food for exercise, according to Star magazine, as she looks to bolster her career options outside of music.

A source close to the singer said:

She’s finally caved to weight pressure. Adele swore up and down that she was comfortable in her own skin, but she’s only human. She wanted to sex up her image a bit. And she thinks she’ll get even more fashion and acting offers if she shaves off a few pounds.

They went on to add that Adele had been inspired to adopt a more healthy lifestyle after her medical problems last year, which saw her to have vocal chord microsurgerygo under the knife to have vocal chord microsurgery[/url] in America in November to stop recurrent bleeding from a benign polyp.

“Doctors suggested that less junk food and more exercise would be the all-around right thing for her health, her stamina, even her vocal range,” they added.

In May last year, Adele‘s record label boss, XL’s Richard Russell, slammed the rise of “faux porn” in the promotion of female artists in pop music. He said he believed the idea a new female pop star could be successful without being over-sexualised in promoting her work was “unbelievable” and that this problem had led to music that was “boring, crass and unoriginal.”

Adele‘s album ’21’ recently became the biggest selling LP in the US in 2011, while the singer is also on course to reclaim the Number One spot in the Official UK Albums Chart this Sunday (January 8).