Adele says ‘no American beer’ as her rider requests leak online

North American beer is 'not acceptable' according to the singer

The rider requests for Adele‘s cancelled North American tour have leaked online.

The London soul singer had stated that North American beer was ‘not acceptable’ for her and her crew and insisted on 12 bottles of European lager for her tour bus. For her dressing room, she asked for one bottle of “very best quality red wine” as well as one packet of Marlboro Lights and one disposable lighter.

A plate of sandwiches – including chicken salad – was also requested, reports The Smoking Gun, but these were not to contain “tomatoes, vinegar, chilli or citrus fruit”.

In addition, Adele stated that anybody who was on the free guestlist should pay $20 (£12.82) for their ticket, which would go to Sands, a UK charity which supports people affected by the death of a baby.

It was recently reported that Adele has scored the two biggest selling albums of 2011, with combined sales of 4.5 million of her two records. The singer’s second album ’21’ sold a whopping 3.4 million copies in 2011 and is now the biggest selling album in the UK of the 21st century, according to the Official Charts Company.