Adele: ‘I’d love to go to university’

Singer also recently paid tribute to Amy Winehouse

Adele has said she would love to go to university.

The singer revealed that she was offered a place at Liverpool University when she was younger but she turned it down after being offered a record contract.

She told fans at a recent gig in Boston: “I’m desperate to go to university. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s one thing I really plan on doing.


“I was about to start university in Liverpool in England and then I got offered a record deal, so I was like, ‘Ugh, what do I do?’ Obviously I took the record deal which I don’t regret at all.”

The singer also said she would also like to visit Harvard University, reports The Sun.

She added: “I want to go and do a tour of Harvard but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m smart enough to go to Harvard.

“I’m going to buy a T-shirt so I can sleep in a Harvard T-shirt. I think I would pretend to wear glasses if I went to university.”

It was also recently reported that Adele would not embark on another tour for a decade.


But her press representative offered “no comment” on the reports.

Last week, she paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse at a gig on what would have been Winehouse’s 33rd birthday. You can watch the tribute above.

Adele told the crowd: “I feel like I owe 90 percent of my career to [Winehouse]. Because of her, I picked up a guitar and because of her, I wrote my own songs. The songs I got signed on were the songs that I wrote completely on my own – if it wasn’t for her, that wouldn’t have happened.”

The singer recently turned down an offer to play next year’s Super Bowl half-time show.