Adele accepts invitation to fans’s wedding

The singer was invited to a wedding by two fans at her LA show

Adele was invited to the wedding of two fans during a show in Los Angeles.

The singer has been inviting members of the crowd to join her on-stage during her LA run this month.

When Adele picked out a couple at random from the audience, she discovered that they were planning a wedding in September.

“Oh, I’m free,” the singer hinted, before being duly invited by the groom-to-be.

In a YouTube video that captures the moment, Adele responds by saying she’d love to attend.

Following the concert, the couple, Ryan Salonen and Vince Rossi, are attempting send an invite and thank you note to the singer, the Great Falls Tribune reports.

At another of her LA shows, Adele surprised a fan who was too sick to attend by calling them in the middle of her performance.