Adele reveals she’s set up an Etsy account to sell handmade pom-poms

The singer has her post-tour plans all sorted out

Adele has revealed that she has set up her own Etsy account for her to sell her crafty wares on.

The singer is in the middle of her run of dates at Wembley Stadium having played two gigs at the iconic venue this week (June 28, 29). The residency will conclude this weekend with another pair of shows (July 1, 2).

She told fans at the concert last night of her post-tour plans, disclosing an unusual new interest. “I’ve got a new secret hobby,” she told the crowd. “I mean, I say hobby, it’ll probably only last a few days!”


Adele then explained: “I have a new hobby making pom-poms. I’m quite good at it! I am such a natural. I made a real cat on purpose.”

As Metro reports, the singer also confirmed she had set up a space for her to sell her creations. “I’ve even set up an Etsy account,” she revealed.

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Adele’s current tour concludes on Sunday night (July 2). In a handwritten note shared in the concert programme for the Wembley shows, she explained why she feels reluctant to hit the road again in the future.

Adele writes in the note: “So this is it after 15 months on the road and 18 months of ’25’ we are at the end. We have taken this tour across UK + Ireland, throughout Europe, all over America and I finally got to go to Australia and New Zealand too.”

“Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn’t suit me particularly well,” she continues. “I’m a real homebody and I get so much joy in the small things. Plus I’m dramatic and have a terrible history of touring. Until now that is! I’ve done 119 shows and these last 4 will take me up to 123, it has been hard out an absolute thrill and pleasure to have done.”


Adele then adds: “I only ever did this tour for you and to hopefully have an impact on you the way that some of my favourite artist have had on me live. And I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home. Thank you for coming, for all of your ridiculous love and kindness. I will remember all of this for the rest of my life. Love you. Goodnight for now.”

Her ’25’ album, released the previous October, has now sold an estimated 20 million copies worldwide.