Adele “regularly wheeled out in huge box” on arena tour

The singer's '25' world tour is currently on its Australian leg

Adele‘s secret method of entry to the stage on the Australian leg of her world area tour appears to have been revealed.

With the singer currently Down Under to tour her hugely-successful third album ’25’, many Australian fans of the Tottenham-born artist have expressed bemusement at how she manages to get to the stage without being spotted.

While Adele told fans that she couldn’t reveal the smoke and mirrors behind her entrance – though she did disclose that she “gets so sweaty [from how she gets to the stage], I’m drenched” – a source appears to have given the game away in regards to how she actually makes her way onto the stage.


Adele cuts fireworks from her Australian tour

Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed that the singer is transported to the side of the stage on a large, wheeled flight case – not unlike the type of vehicle typically used to move stage equipment – which her staff wheel to the stage, undetected.

“Adele sits in the box for several minutes as she is taken from her dressing room right to the centre of the crowd,” the source said. “Most of her fans are already seated and just presume it’s a piece of kit they are moving but some have been told by staff at venues that actually it’s their idol and a woman worth £85million sitting in a pretty small box a few feet from them.”

Adele apparently plays on her iPad while she’s been transported to the stage, but the source admitted that it’s a “sweaty and unglamorous” part of the show. “But she’s down to earth and jokes about it.”

Elsewhere on her Australian tour, Adele appeared to be bitten by a mosquito while on stage last week.