Adele joked that she was ‘terrible at touring’ only days before cancelling huge Wembley shows

"I couldn't even get insurance when I first wanted to do the tour."

Adele gave a prescient speech at Wembley Stadium only days before she cancelled her final dates – telling concert goers that she initially couldn’t get insured due to being “terrible at touring”.

The singer, who was forced to shelve the final two dates after damaging her vocal chords, said: “This is my 120th show in 15 months. For someone that was terrible at touring, that was unreliable at touring…I couldn’t even get insurance when I first wanted to do the tour.”

In 2011, she was previously forced to undergo surgery after haemorrhaging her vocal cords.

Describing her success with her most recent tour, she added: “I got through my UK and Europe tour and I finally got insured. I only missed one show, and I swear to god I actually had the flu. I even put a video up to prove to everyone just how rough in fact I was.

“For someone who could never really get past 40 shows without having a breakdown, I’ve now done my 120th after this song.”

She made to her 121st show on Thursday night – but was forced to shelve the remaining two dates after damaging her chords yet again.

In a heartfelt apology to fans, she wrote: “I went to see my throat doctor this evening because my voice didn’t open up at all and it turns out I have damaged my vocal cords.”

It has also been claimed that she could lose millions after the cancelled gigs were due to be filmed for a live DVD release.

She is yet to announce if the shows will be rescheduled or whether fans will receive a refund.