Adema’s David DeRoo arrested for being a fugitive from justice

DeRoo charged with breaching probation rules

Adema bassist David DeRoo has been charged with being a fugitive from justice.

DeRoo, who served 45 days in jail and was given three years probation in November 2008 for drink driving and causing injury after a car accident, had a warrant issued for his arrest in June 2010 for violating probation terms.

According to The Californian he was picked up by police in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday (January 29) before the band were due to play a gig, and is being held on remand with bail of $1 million (£621,000).

Adema have not said how DeRoo‘s arrest affects the remaining dates of their US tour.

The bassist recently assumed the role of co-fronting the metallers after vocalist Mark ‘Marky’ Chavez, the half-brother of Korn’s Jonathan Davis, left the band for a second time to produce solo work.

They released their latest album, ‘Kill The Headlights’, in 2007.