Adora unveils otherworldly new digital single, ‘The Little Name’

The song dropped alongside an animated video

Adora has released a fairytale-inspired animated music video for her new single ‘The Little Name’.

The visual follows a pink-haired girl as she wanders aimlessly through the night, before being joined by a unicorn, on which she soars through the sky. When she offers a dying tree her final drop of water, a rose comes to life and joins them on their journey to the clouds to look at the stars.

We were the stars and the light / Shined like the stars in the sky / But the shining us have parted,” Adora sings on the chorus. ‘The Little Name’ marks the singer’s first song of 2022, and her second-ever release as a soloist.



The South Korean singer-songwriter – best known as a former Big Hit Music producer who previously penned several hits for K-pop acts like BTS, TXT and GFRIEND – made her solo debut last November with the single ‘Make U Dance’ featuring Eunha of VIVIZ.

Shortly after her debut, TXT members Soobin and Beomgyu hosted a livestream where they reacted to her single. “I’ve always thought her voice needs to be heard more. Like, more people have to hear her stuff,” said the latter.

In other K-pop news, VIVIZ’s SinB recently opened up about the disbandment of her former group GFRIEND, and shared her hopes of their reunion someday. “I think GFRIEND will unite someday, sooner or later,” she said, adding that she believed that their separation was “just temporary”.

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