Sum 41, Hives, Macy Gray also gearing up for May release...

Aerosmith, Strokes, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm and Hives are amongst the acts to appear on the soundtrack to Spider-man, the first blockbuster feature film of the summer.

The soundtrack is released on May 13 through Columbia with Aerosmith heading the field performing the ‘Theme From Spder-Man’. The film is released on June 14. The big-screen update sees Tobey McGuire as the eponymous comic-book hero. Willem Defoe plays his enemy green Goblin while Kristen Dunst is his love interest.

The tracklisting in full runs:


‘Theme from Spider Man’ – Written by Robert J. Harris and Paul Francis Webster

‘Hero’ – Chad Kroeger featuring Josey Scott

‘What We’re All About’ – Sum 41

‘Learn To Crawl’ – Black Lab

‘Somebody Else’ – Bleu

‘Bug Bytes’ – Alien Ant Farm


‘Blind’ – Default

‘Bother’ – Corey Taylor

‘Shelter’ – Greenwheel

‘When It Started’ – The Strokes

‘Hate To Say I Told You So’ – The Hives

‘Invisible Man’ – Theory Of A Dead Man

‘Undercover’ – Pete Yorn

‘My Nutmeg Phantasy’ (Morello Mix) – Macy Gray

‘I-IV-V’ – Injected

‘She Was My Girl’ – Jerry Cantrell

‘Main Titles’ – Danny Elfman

‘Farewell’ – Danny Elfman

‘Theme From Spider-Man’ – Aerosmith