The original was postponed due to that old rock staple of inclement weather conditions...

AEROSMITH have rescheduled their appearance in NEW YORK CITY’s TIMES SQUARE.

This Friday (March 16) at 6pm EST (11pm GMT), the Boston outfit will try for a second time to launch their new album, ‘Just Push Play’ at the city’s Virgin Megastore.

According to a posting by bassist Tom Hamilton on official website [url=], the band originally planned an elaborate appearance at the store on the official release date of March 6, but severe weather conditions forced a last-minute cancellation of the visit.


Hamilton said: “We were supposed to go to New York and do sort of a stunt in Times Square. We were going to pile into an armoured car, follow an army of scantily clad robot girls through the streets and arrive at the Virgin Megastore, where hopefully numerous journalists and camera crews would be waiting for the new record or the robot girls, whichever (as long as they took a picture of it). The idea was that we were ‘delivering’ the new album. Get it? After fielding questions from the press we were going to grab our guitars and play ‘Jaded’. From there, we would go inside to greet the crowd and then whip over to MTV for a live interview about the new album, I mean record. But it snowed.”

The outfit instead launched the album last minute in Boston. In other Aerosmith business, the group is scheduled to perform on American television programme ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend.