Maybe the group were scared their "army of robot women" would short circuit...

AEROSMITH have cancelled a rare record store appearance in NEW YORK to launch their new album ‘JUST PUSH PLAY’, because of bad weather.

The Boston band were due to deliver copies of their latest effort to the Virgin Megastore store in the city’s Times Square today (March 6), chauffeured in an elaborate armoured vehicle and accompanied by “an army of robot women”.

However, the city is currently suffering from significant snowstorms, making the signing impossible.

According to the New York Daily News newspaper, some forecasters predicted up to two feet of snow could fall in the coming days, although it is likely the figure will be nearer five inches.

Some schools in the city were closed yesterday (March 5), and major airports cancelled flights.

‘Just Push Play’ will be released in the UK on March 12.