Bassist Tom Hamilton reveals the veteran rockers' are feeling "really inspired"...

AEROSMITH are coming close to the completion of the follow up to 1998’s live album ‘A LITTLE SOUTH OF SANITY’.

The band have been working on the album over the course of the year in a smaller environment than past years. Speaking from the band’s official website [url=], bassist Tom Hamilton said progress has been fruitful and they have been enjoying the freedom that advances in recording technology is allowing them.

He added: “The record is cruising. We’re all feeling really inspired. The vibe of the creative process is really different this time and everybody’s just diggin’, diggin’, diggin’, it. It’s our first “in-house” record since our first one. One really cool thing is being part of all the cutting edge changes that have come lately in ways to make records. We’ve pretty much shattered our long held belief that you have to go into the big studios in the big cities to get good sounds and make a proper record. Ain’t true no mo’! Don’t get me wrong, I love recording studios.


“The times we have spent as a band locked up together in a really great studio are like pearls on a string. But the way we’re doing it this time is much more laid back and dialled in to the creative process. YEAH BABY!”

He continued: “So, the album is on schedule, if there really is such a thing. Whether or not doesn’t matter this time simply because the project’s just cookin’ along. If this were our last album we’d only be halfway through it.”

Meanwhile, Hamilton noted Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has a guitar in Boston Museum of Fine Art’s exhibition, Art of the Fine Guitar.

About the exhibition Hamilton said: “It has guitars made in the 16th Century and all the way up to the present day. They had instruments from Hendrix, Clapton, Lennon, and even from that famous 16th century star, Heathcliffe Springsteene. Well, maybe not him but there was one from Joe. He has this ancient Supro he uses for slide guitar. When I saw it I instantly pictured being on the road watching JP play that thing. It took me a minute to get used to it in this genteel, quiet environment.”