Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler: ‘I snorted half of Peru’

The 65-year-old frontman admits to blowing $6million on cocaine

Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler has said he reckons he’s “snorted half of Peru” worth of cocaine.

The 65-year-old frontman has admitted that he overestimated the amount of money he has spent on drugs – he previously said he spent $20 million in his 2011 memoir Does The Noise In My Head Bother You – and says he realistically spent $6 million on narcotics.

Speaking in a pre-recorded interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes, which is due to air this Sunday (February 24), Tyler said: “I spent five or six million dollars. But it doesn’t matter. You also could say I snorted half of Peru, but it doesn’t matter. You know, it’s what we did.”

Asked by interviewer Liz Hayes how he feels about the name the ‘Toxic Twins’, the moniker given to Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry during their drug-taking heyday, he added: “We still are, we still can be toxic. We fight toxically, we play toxically.”

Aerosmith released their 15th LP ‘Music From Another Dimension!’ in November last year (2012). The album featured Johnny Depp and John Lennon’s eldest son Julian.

Speaking about the tracks on the album, ‘Love Three Times A Day’ and ‘Lover A lot,” Tyler said: “I was reading the lyrics upstairs and I was thinking, there’s a lot of love. And I got shameful for a minute and thought, We should be more socially relevant…I’m not socially relevant but I write about love and passion – and it’s fun! It’s what I think a rock’n’roll band should be.”