Aerosmith producer: ‘I wanted Stephen King to write lyrics for band’s new album’

Jack Douglas says horror writer would have inspired Steven Tyler

Aerosmith‘s record producer has revealed that he wanted horror writer Stephen King to write lyrics for the band’s new album.

Jack Douglas, the band’s long-time knob-twiddler, told Classic Rock magazine that he tried to convince the rockers that King would have provided inspiration to singer Steven Tyler.

“They looked at me like I was crazy,” said Douglas about the unlikely collaboration. “I said, ‘No, I’m serious. If there’s anyone who’s going to inspire him, it’d be Stephen King.'”

He went on to add:

Steven doesn’t need melody – he needs someone who’s going to inspire him as a wordsmith. I don’t want a guy who’s just writing hits right now.

Although it is not known whether King will contribute to Aerosmith’s new album, Tyler suffered a gruesome experience of his own last October when he fell over in the shower, breaking two of his teeth and receiving stitches to his face. The frontman later claimed he had sustained the injury after passing out due to a stomach illness.

In September last year, meanwhile, Tyler said the band had nearly finished recording sessions on their new album, which is the follow-up to their 2004 LP ‘Honkin’ On Bobo’. It is expected to be released later this year.