Aerosmith: ‘Steven Tyler tortured us’

But Tyler says his hard work is reason for band's success

Aerosmith have revealed that lead singer Steven Tyler used to “torture” them.

But in an interview for the 60 minutes programme, to be shown tonight on CBS in the US at 7pm (ET/PT), Tyler reveals that his “cruel” treatment of the rest of the band has made them who they are today.

The singer told CBS’ Lara Logan:

You know what? I’m going to be big-headed right now. I think my perfectionism and my busting everyone’s chops is what got this band to where it is today. In the end, I get a really good song and in the end, I get the hits. Yeah, I’m that good.

This was in response to Logan reading out comments from the rest of the band. Drummer Joey Kramer complained that Tyler “tortured him”, while guitarist Brad Whitford said he was “extremely demanding”.

Tyler added: “I’ve said many things to all those guys that I should never have said, that I didn’t mean.”

Meanwhile, American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina has made known that she has recorded backing vocals on Aerosmiths’s new album.

On Friday, Alaina excitedly tweeted: “Yesterday: returned to idol & then went to the studio to record background vocals for the new Aerosmith record. #ISTHISREAL? Thank u Steven!”

Scroll down and click to view the teaser trailer for tonight’s 60 Minutes with Aerosmith on CBS at 7pm (ET/PT).