Johnny Depp reveals songwriting sessions with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Depp says writing with Aerosmith frontman is 'a dream come true'

Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Deep and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler have been working together in the studio, the actor has revealed.

Depp told entertainment news website Extra that he had been “hanging out” with Tyler and that he was really enjoying the writing sessions. He said: “We’ve been hanging out here and there. He’s someone I’ve admired greatly for such a long time. The idea of writing songs with him is a dream come true.”

Depp has written songs throughout his acting career, he even formed the short lived band P with Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes and contributed slide guitar to Oasis’s ‘Fade In-Out’ on ‘Be Here Now’.

Whether any of Tyler’s collaborations with Depp will feature on the singer’s forthcoming solo album is not known. Tyler released his first solo single ‘(It) Feels So Good’ yesterday (May 10).

The actor has also said that he would love to portray his new songwriting partner on screen, should an Aerosmith biopic ever be given the green light. He told The Boston Herald: “I would give it a shot. Why not?”