Aerosmith’s Joe Perry: ‘I had visions of playing gigs in a wheelchair’

Guitarist speaks out after his motorcycle accident

Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry has admitted he “had visions of playing shows in a wheelchair” after he was recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

The guitarist was hit from behind by a car in Middleborough, Massachusetts last Thursday (July 15) after he pulled away from a set of traffic lights.

“Next thing I know, I’m on tarmac looking up at the sky,” he told Rolling Stone. “This woman behind me just didn’t slow down at the light. She was going 25-30 miles per hour and just rear-ended me.

“Everything on the bike from the engine back is smashed up, but I don’t even have a black and blue mark,” he added. “I can’t believe it. I’m just really lucky.”

Perry was treated and released from Morton Hospital And Medical Center in Taunton. Following the accident he said he initially feared the worst.

“I had visions of playing shows in a wheelchair,” the guitarist said ahead of the band’s US tour. “I’ve been in enough accidents to know that you don’t know how banged up you are for a while. The doctor went over everything and said that nothing was broken or bleeding. I didn’t even need x-rays. I spent the entire weekend pretty sore, tracing ice packs.”