Aerosmith to play Hawaii show to compensate fans

The rockers had cancelled a 2007 gig there

Aerosmith are planning to play a gig in Hawaii as compensation for fans left out of pocket when the US rockers cancelled a show in Maui in 2007.

After the no-show hundreds of fans filed a class action case against Steve Tyler and co, accusing them of cancelling the gig in order to play a better-paying private show in Oahu.

Now the band are planning to play a show for the original ticket-holders and have said they will cover all expenses for the fans, reports BBC News. A date or venue for the show is yet to be announced.

In the original case, the amount the fans claimed they had lost was $500,000 (£340,000).

“They are glad to be able to resolve this in a way that really focuses on connecting or reconnecting the people of Hawaii with the band and its music,” Aerosmith‘s lawyer, Jay Handlin, said.