Aerosmith take DMC for a walk in Hyde Park

Boston's finest joined by special guest at London Calling

Aerosmith returned to the UK for their first full live show in nine years last night (June 24), headlining the second day of Hard Rock Cafe‘s London Calling event in Hyde Park.

Despite the poor weather conditions, the near-capacity crowd were clearly out to have a good time, standing in constant rain throughout the entire afternoon which featured performances from The Answer, Jet – who very nearly didn’t make it due to a broken down ferry from Germany – and Chris Cornell.

Launching into a hit-laden set with ‘Love In an Elevator‘, Steven Tyler‘s men proceeded to prove over the course of an hour that they’ve still got what it takes, with ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ and ‘Cryin’proving to be particularly popular with the crowd.


The encore saw the band joined onstage by DMC from 1980s rap trio Run DMC, for the 80’s rock-rap classic ‘Walk This Way’ which ensured that everyone went home with a smile on their face.

Aerosmith played:


‘Same Old Song’



‘Eat The Rich’

‘Miss A Thing’


‘Baby Please’


‘Dream On’


‘Stop Messin”

‘Sweet E’

‘Draw The Line’

‘Walk This Way’

For more on London Calling check out our festival blog section later today (June 25).