Footage emerges of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler shoving a fan for trying to take a selfie

"Come to a show if you want an intimate experience"

Footage has emerged of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler shoving away a fan for attempting to take a selfie with him.

The clips shows the rock icon walking into The Today Show, when a fan bursts through the security barrier and grabs him while holding his phone for a photo. Visibly agitated, Tyler angrily and immediately pushes him away.

Tyler then responded to the footage on Twitter, telling followers: “No time, bro-this is LIVE TELEVISION! Come to the show if you want an intimate experience.”

Tyler was appearing on The Today Show to promote the band’s upcoming Las Vegas residency. to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

“We’re going to be doing a residency in Vegas starting next spring”, said guitarist Joe Perry.

“What we want to do is something that I haven’t seen before… just downsizing our live show, just playing in a smaller place. We want to do something different. We’re in the middle of the production now. What we’re talking about is having an experience that you wouldn’t be able to see on a regular Aerosmith tour.”

He continued: “I feel like we’ve been out of the wind for a while and it seems like it would be a really cool thing to bring some of the history back.

“The production is gonna look like that. But without losing what we are: a hardcore rock and roll band. We’re having almost weekly conversations about the production and how we’re gonna keep it true and honest to the heartbeat of the rock and roll that we play but still add an element that people will want to see.

“I haven’t been this excited about a project with Aerosmith in quite a while.”