Hollywood movie based on aespa universe is in the works, says SM founder

“We are currently being contacted by people from Hollywood to create movies together,” said Lee Soo-Man

South Korean girl group aespa may soon have their very own film based on the group’s universe and lore.

On June 29, SM Entertainment held their online SM Congress 2021 where they revealed their vision and upcoming plans for the year. In a segment led by SM founder Lee Soo-Man, girl group aespa joined in to discuss the SM Culture Universe (SMCU), the world in which their songs are set.

Lee also hinted at the possibility of Hollywood film based on the universe in the future. “We are currently being contacted by people from Hollywood to create movies together,” he told aespa. The girl group responded with a string of surprised gasps and “wow”s upon hearing the news.


Back in May, SM Entertainment released the first episode of their SMCU series, featuring aespa and their virtual counterparts. The series is set in KWANGYA, a virtual world where aespa’s avatars live. While there is only one episode currently available, the girl group have made references to KWANGYA and the world in their lyrics and music videos.

“We’ll depict this world through a new genre called CAWMAN that I came up with,” Lee said, noting that ‘CAWMAN’ stands for cartoon, animation, webtoon, motion graphics, avatar and novel. “If you watch the video, you’ll see animations and motion graphics.”

In May, aespa returned with the single ‘Next Level’, which is a remake of Aussie singer Aston’s 2019 song of the same name from the film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. The song’s lyrics continue the story of KWANGYA, which was first introduced in their debut single ‘Black Mamba’.