Greg Dulli and the Twilight Singers knocked unconscious after fight in Austin, Texas...

Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli and the Twilight Singers (pictured) has been released from hospital after sustaining a fractured skull, after a fight with a security guard in Austin, Texas at the weekend.

The band were playing at the Liberty Lunch in Austin, a nightclub-sized venue, in the early hours of Saturday, December 12. The fight between band and staff started when they arrived to play at the club on Friday and couldn’t get in and started banging the door. A stagehand answered, annoyed at the group for banging the door so loudly. The band played, but tensions between band and venue staff spilled over into violence after the band came offstage. there was a short fight during which Dulli fell backwards hitting his head on the concrete floor.

Dulli was taken to the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital, cancelling gigs in Dallas and New Orleans. He was kept in for observation before being released; he hass gone home to recuperate.


The rest of their scheduled US dates have now been postponed until next year. Police have not yet charged anyone over the incident.

Afghan Whigs are due to play UK dates next year. They had originally planned to come over in January, but put the dates back until March.

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