A pressing plant error leads to thousands of faulty copies of 'Girl's Not Grey' hitting the shelves...

AFI have issued an apology to fans, after a mix-up in the pressing plant led to the release of thousands of faulty copies of their latest single.

The NME cover stars were left embarrassed when ‘Girl’s Not Grey’, out on Monday (June 9), was pressed with the tracks intended for CD2 on both CD formats.

The band said that the mistake was a ‘good old fashioned human error’ and are offering those who purchased the faulty CD1 the chance to exchange it with the correct version, which hit the shops on Tuesday (June 10).

A statement from the band said, ” As some of you may already have discovered, there has been a manufacturing error with one of the formats of our new single, whereby CD1 was pressed with the tracks intended for CD2.

“CD2 is unaffected by this, and contains the correct tracks.”

AFI concluded the message saying, “We love coming to the UK and want all our British fans to know how much we appreciate your support.”