AFI’s Davey Havok on new band Dreamcar with No Doubt members: ‘I didn’t replace Gwen Stefani’

'It's musically very divergent from anything I've done'

AFI frontman Davey Havok has discussed the experience of forming new supergroup Dreamcar with members of No Doubt – and how he hasn’t replaced Gwen Stefani in any way. Watch our video interview with Havok above.

The new-wave group Dreamcar, whose self-titled debut album was released this week, are formed of Havok along with Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young of No Doubt. We asked Havok what it was like to team up with three musicians who have been playing together in such an established band for over 30 years.

“It’s interesting to join such a very solid unit,” Havok told NME. “It was a little daunting because I was very aware of what a tight-knit family those boys were, but as soon as I started working with them and relating with them, we wrote with ease and we created with ease. They’re so warm, so welcoming and they’re such lovely, lovely men in addition to being wildly talented.


“The transition of me inserting myself into that community was very seamless. It was an honour to be asked to work with them and we made a record that we’re really proud of.”

Asked about the world’s initial reaction that he was ‘replacing’ Gwen Stefani, Havok said: “When the leak came out and the news came out as what it was which is ‘there’s a new band featuring members of AFI and No Doubt’ to ‘there’s a new band with me replacing Gwen in No Doubt’, it was pretty funny! It’s not frustrating.

“I understand the media and I understand the public so it’s not shocking that people would twist things in that way and misunderstand things. People misunderstand far more basic and far more convoluted things, so misunderstandings are rampant. It was pretty funny.”

As for the sound of the record, Havok said: “Musically it’s completely different from both AFI and No Doubt, which makes it fresh for us. We wouldn’t do it if it sounded like one or the other. There would be no reason for them to create a new band that sounded like No Doubt and there’s no reason for me to join a band that sounds like AFI.

“It’s musically very divergent from anything I’ve done, and the same goes with them. It makes it really fun for us.”

  • ‘Dreamcar’ by Dreamcar is out now

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