AFI frontman Davey Havok on Donald Trump: ‘We need to provide escape from these sad and oppressive times’

'To provide shelter for those who feel alienated is really fantastic'

AFI frontman Davey Havok has spoken out about the need to provide ‘shelter and escape’ for their fans in the ‘sad and oppressive times’ of living in Donald Trump’s America. Watch our video interview with Havok above.

Speaking to NME around their recent London show with Deftones, Havok told us that it is important that they use their music to tend to the alienated in the currently divisive atmosphere in the US.

“To provide some kind of shelter, especially in the modern climate, especially in America right now, for those who feel alienated and marginalised is really fantastic,” Havok told NME. “We recently did a tour and a lot of people said that coming to the shows gave them a feeling of connection and a feeling of escape from a really oppressive climate right now.


“Though specifically in regards to that climate, it’s not anything that we’ve ever directly attempted – but in the greater ethos of what we do, to provide that sort of shelter or release is something that I hope we could achieve, and to achieve that at a very, very sad time makes it that more impactful and that more gratifying.”

Havok added: “It’s nice that we can do that. I don’t know how we do that, but it’s really nice.”

AFI's Davey Havok
AFI’s Davey Havok

Havok also spoke to NME about how came to form new band Dreamcar with members of No Doubt – responding to deny claims that he ‘replaced Gwen Stefani‘.

“When the leak came out and the news came out as what it was which is ‘there’s a new band featuring members of AFI and No Doubt’ to ‘there’s a new band with me replacing Gwen in No Doubt’, it was pretty funny! It’s not frustrating.

“I understand the media and I understand the public so it’s not shocking that people would twist things in that way and misunderstand things. People misunderstand far more basic and far more convoluted things, so misunderstandings are rampant. It was pretty funny.”

  • ‘Dreamcar’ by Dreamcar is out now