AFI unveil new video for ‘Aurelia’

Get up close and personal with Davey Havok and co

AFI have unveiled the brand new video for ‘Aurelia’. See the video on NME first below, as we have a quick chat with frontman Davey Havok.

Taken from their 2017 self-titled album, known among fans as ‘The Blood Album’, the clip for ‘Aurelia’ really draws on the intensity of the track – by getting as up close and personal as you could possibly imagine.


As well as performing at Download Festival 2017, AFI’s upcoming UK dates supporting Deftones are below
May 5 – London – Alexandra Palace
May 6 – Manchester – O2 Apollo
May 7 – Glasgow – SECC

It’s been a pretty momentous year over there in the US. Do you feel like Trump’s victory could inspire a reaction in music? Maybe a resurgence in punk ethics?

“Yeah, I’m hoping so. It was one of the first things my friends said when we were watching everything at the election go down from a great little restaurant here. The first thing he said was ‘well The Sisters Of Mercy are going to make a new record. Andrew Eldritch promised us. He said that if Trump gets elected, he’s going to record a new Sisters of Mercy record. I’m imagining he wont, but I really wish he would. We need to hear it, please.”

Did you ever think when AFI started out, that you’d make it to album number ten?

“Not when we started – because we originally break up after high school. However, after we broke up we got back together six months later and at that point we decided to dedicate our lives to music and to dedicate ourselves to the band. If you had shown me what had happened between record one and ten I would’ve been shocked.”

Jiro Schneider

What do you think has been the key to keeping the core of the band together for so long now?


“Our intentions. We’ve continued to make music because we love it.”

What do you think the ‘Blood’ album takes from your previous records and what’s new about it?

“It’s very difficult for me to describe musically what’s happening on any record because I’m so close to it. It’s a natural expression of who I am and who we are at the time. However in relation to ‘Burials’, I feel ‘The Blood Album’ feels like the aftermath – like waking in the ash that fell from the flames that was the ‘Burials’ record. This record is lyrically less bleak. Albeit dark still, but less bleak.

On a personal level you, were involved recently in this PETA anti-leather campaign. It’s obviously a campaign that’s very close to your heart. Would you like to see more famous names and faces get involved?

“Of course. I mean, as we’ve all seen very recently, a cult of celebrities is very powerful. The impact of celebrity and being in the public eye is very strong, so when people use their recognition for any positive cause it can have really far reaching impact. It’s great when people take the opportunity to use their voice when they have it.”

AFI Peta

AFI are playing Download, of course do you have any fond memories of the festival?

“I know the festival really is something that is held very dear, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. I look forward to playing, we haven’t been to the UK in quite some time and to return in that fashion I think is the perfect way to return.”

And have you seen the rest of the line-up, like the headliners, System of a Down, Biffy Clyro, Aerosmith?

“Did you say Aerosmith? Woah, that’s cool. I had no idea. That’s pretty cool. You know I never really realised until recently how much Guns N’ Roses sounded like early Aerosmith – and I do like Guns N’ Roses.”


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