AFI’s Davey Havok on their fans, survival, and ignoring drug and death rumours

AFI frontman Davey Havok has said that ‘truth and honesty’ is the secret to their longevity and close relationship with their fans – as well as ignoring years and years of false rumours. Watch our video interview with Havok above.

Havok sat down to talk with NME ahead of their recent London show with Deftones, when he said that over the last three decades, no ‘misconception’ of the band exists despite a long string of bizarre mistruths.

“I don’t know if there is a singular misconception about us,” Havok told NME. “There are so many different rumours about us as people, as a band, and personally, that are polarised.”


He continued: “There have been rumours about me for many, many years. I’ve overdosed and died many times, I’ve been a junkie, I’ve been violent and militant straight-edge, I’ve been the kindest person in the world, I’ve been a completely appalling horrible person, Christian, Satanist, the gamut. All of it is there, but I don’t really get involved in any of that because it doesn’t matter.”

AFI's Davey Havok
AFI’s Davey Havok

Asked about the identity of their famous loyal fanbase, Havok said: “They’re wildly varied, but was does distinguish them is how dedicated they are and how passionate they are about what we create.

“It’s very flattering and gratifying and we’re very lucky to have that and we’re very appreciative of it. People have asked over the years ‘where does that come from?’ I can’t really say, but I do feel that they can sense the truth in what we create.¬†We’re very honest in our writing and that appeals to them. They somehow connect or relate to it.

He added: “It’s such a great feeling to be able to reach people and have that profound an impact on them where they’re moved to either simply come see us or get our imagery of my lyrics tattooed on them or create, paint or form bands based on some kind of inspiration from us.”

Havok also spoke to NME about ‘providing an escape in oppressive times’ during Donald Trump’s presidency.



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