Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace to star in own reality show

Singer will discuss transition from male to female in 'So Much More'

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace will star in her own reality TV show, it has been revealed.

So Much More has been produced for the AOL Network, according to Rolling Stone, and explores Grace’s life during Against Me!’s tour of their album ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’.

The series will also follow her experiences during her transition from male to female – click here to watch a trailer.

Grace came out as transgender in 2012. Speaking to NME about her decision, she said: “I have issues in my life which aren’t related to being trans. Whether that’s dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse or manic depressiveness, it’s not as simple as coming out and then the world is all roses.”

However, she also said that the decision to have surgery has ultimately saved her life. “I wasn’t really thinking at all how coming out was going to affect my music,” she said. “It was an issue of: ‘I have to do this to survive or I’m going to kill myself’.”