Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace discusses her transition from male to female

Singer first announced she was transgender in 2012

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace has said that she would have killed herself if she had not come out as transgender in 2012.

Grace discusses how her transition from male to female has affected her relationship with her bandmates, audience, wife and daughter in a new interview in this week’s NME, which is available digitally and on newsstands now.

Discussing her own personal happiness one year into the transition, Grace says: “I have issues in my life which aren’t related to being trans. Whether that’s dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse or manic depressiveness, it’s not as simple as coming out and then the world is all roses.” Similarly, Grace does not want to be seen as a spokesperson for transgender issues: “It’s like my psychiatrist says, ‘Just because you’re diagnosed with cancer doesn’t mean you’re an authority on cancer’.”

However, Grace says that the decision to have surgery has ultimately saved her life. “I wasn’t really thinking at all how coming out was going to affect my music. it was an issue of: ‘I have to do this to survive or I’m going to kill myself’.”

Against Me! release their new album ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ on January 20.

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