New Air album in 2007

And there’s solo material on the way too

Air have almost finished work on their new album, which they plan to release in 2007.

It will be the band’s first new material since 2004’s ’Talkie Walkie’.

“It’s another direction, for sure. It’s different, but it’s Air. We like to change all the time. If we don’t change our sound, we’ll be dead. People who like our music like to discover new things. They’re curious. They have some cultural musical background also, so they want to be surprised,” JB Dunckel told Billboard.

In the meantime Dunckel is due to release a self-titled solo album, set to be released on September 19.

“Most of the tracks contain some piano, and the chords are on the black keys most of the time, because I like the sound of that,” he added.

“I know I’m not a very good guitar or bass player, so I asked two of my friends to do the bass lines and a little bit of the guitar.”

Of the 10 tracks, 2 are instrumentals. The album will include the songs ’TV Destroy’ and ’My Own Sun’.