The French duo get together with Alessandro Baricco...

Air have collaborated with Italian writer ALESSANDRO BARICCO on a new album.

‘City Reading: Tre Storie Western’ is released on March 24. It features the author reciting his text over new Air compositions, their first since the release in May 2001 of their ‘10,000 Hz Legend’ LP. A spokesperson for the band insisted this record was not the official follow-up, and that the duo hoped to release that sometime in 2004.

According to ananova, Baricco originally contacted Air in summer 2002 to produce a live theatre performance of readings from one of his novels, ‘City’.


The success of the show’s premiere in Rome last November apparently prompted Air and Baricco to record the album.

‘City Reading: Tre Storie Western’ is reportedly explores sentimental and cinematic moods.

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