Erm, guys, any chance of a new studio album from you first before you release "music made by friends, film soundtracks and side projects"?...

AIR have announced they are to start their own label, THE RECORD MAKERS, in PARIS to release music made by their friends, as well as film soundtracks and the band’s own side projects.

The label itself was actually launched with the release of Air’s soundtrack album to the ‘Virgin Suicides’ in March, though they have only recently announced details of the first album to be released from the newly-opened Parisian headquarters. Sebastien Tellier’s album ‘L’incroyable Verite’ (‘The Incredible Truth’) is slated for release in March 2001.

Speaking about the future of the label, a statement explains that “soundtracks and compilations are also in the pipes”.

The Record Maker’s Factory is located at 39 Rue du Temple in Paris IV with the sign “We Make Records Here” inscribed on the door.

Air are currently in the process of finishing their second artist album proper. It is scheduled for released through Virgin in the first half of 2001.